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Point Sense 3D

Solutions for the evaluation and postprocessing of 3D laser scan data in AutoCAD.

The PointSense Family provides several tools for the management and processing of laser scan data within AutoCAD and supports the import of almost all currently available 3D laser scan data formats into AutoCAD.

Common to all programs is the easy and quick management of the huge and bulky point clouds in AutoCAD. Intuitive tools tailored to the needs of the respective industries enable fast, secure and accurate modeling and analyzing of the 3D laser scan data to CAD drawings, 3D models and plans.

PointSense Pro / PointSense basic

Fast and efficient construction of 3D wireframe models and solids out of scan data:

  • Import of almost all 3D scan data formats into AutoCAD
  • Efficient management of point clouds: masking, dividing, joining
  • Combination of scan data and CAD

PointSense for Revit

Effective processing of 3D laser scanner data in Revit

  • Tools for automatically fitting and aligning walls
  • Fit RevitĀ® work planes in the point cloud
  • Process scan data in the RevitĀ® families editor

PointSense Heritage

Documentation of historical monuments in conservation, historic building research, recording of complex three-dimensional excavations in archaeology:

  • Rapid 3D modeling by integration of point clouds and photos
  • Stand alone photogrammetric functions are included
  • Calculation of true ortho photos

PointSense Plant

Piping and structural extraction:

  • Industrial facility design from scan data
  • Auto-recognize industry standard components
  • Best-fit all piping components to point cloud data

PointSense Building

Building plans and elevation extractions:

  • Fast construction of 2D sections through tools for automatic polygon alignment
  • Specific drawing and dimensioning commands for building elements such as windows, doors, staircases, etc.
  • Database capable area management